Why Do I Keep Getting An Error Message About The ‘Default Printer’?

First, check to make sure that your printer is on and the power cable is not loose or damaged. If this checks out, next check to see what mode your printer is set to. Some users will receive this message because their printer is set to a low-resolution or draft mode, which will cause this error as the coupons must be printed at a resolution of at least 300-dpi in order to be legible enough to be scanned.

If neither of these resolved the error message you received and you have an older computer, it is likely that you do not have enough processing memory to properly print the hi-resolution coupons.

Unable to find any ?

If you cannot find any coupons listed above, then they have expired or reached the limit set by the manufacturer. This does happen as manufacturers rotate the coupons they offer. We do our best but many times we are not notified when the offer is pulled.

You can search for related deals in our coupons database. These printable coupons are available and updated several times daily.

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