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How to Search for Genuine Printable Coupons

August 5, 2011 Coupon Tips


There are plenty of ways to get coupons to save money, but you must know where you should get the genuine ones and how to identify them. Ensure that you choose authentic printable coupons particularly from other sites apart from the manufacturer’s websites. Here are some things to look out for when searching for printable coupons online.

1. Confirm the discount on the coupon with the manufacture’s site.
If you are looking for printable coupons from alternative sources, it is necessary to confirm whether the coupon is genuine through the product or company website. For example, if you have a WalGreens coupon that you have obtained that gives $1 off the item price, do check that this offer is available from the store’s site. This way, you will know that the offer corresponds with the actual coupon and you can save money with it.

Avoid coupons that offer discounts for expired deals or for items that are not on offer, or even higher discounts than what is currently on offer from the store. These are indicators of fake printable coupons that can cause problems for you.

2. Do not accept photocopies of coupons from anyone.
Some sites may offer you copies of coupons that you can print and use when shopping, but these are illegal and should be completely avoided. These are usually obtained when one person gets a genuine coupon and then scans it to make copies to print, which amounts to fraud. Only accept coupons that are from verified websites if not the product’s site itself.

3. Genuine coupons are not displayed as images.
You will notice that when you are looking to print coupons, you will only see the name of the coupon, the product and discount amount, but not the coupon itself as an image. This prevents fraud such that if the image is already available, anyone could copy and print it and use it claiming that it is original. Most genuine printable coupon sites will give the above mentioned details and an option to print, and you will only see the coupon after you have made your order and printed. This ensures that you have only real coupons for printing that you can use to save money.

4. Check for expiration dates and terms of use.
Every genuine coupon will contain information about the expiry date of the coupon and how and where to spend it. Expiration dates are prominently displayed on the coupon, and there should be details such as “no cash value”, meaning that you cannot redeem it for cash, “valid in store only”, which means that you can only use it in the particular store or branch, and “limit one identical offer per transaction” which means that you can only use one coupon for one product.
These features should help you search and get authentic printable coupons for your use and savings.

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